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Kristy Dickinson and son, Ziggy in front of an Aboriginal Flag painting

Following the outcome of the First Nations Voice referendum, we have been inundated with messages of support from our Mob and allies. It’s no lie many of our Mob are still hurting and working through the aftermath of a long, exhausting and difficult campaign. The rejection from a large majority of Australians was loud but we must remember now is not the time to give up. More than 6 million Australians voted YES to the Voice and to acknowledging First Nations People and we can’t lose sight of that. 

It has taken me quite some time to be able to gather my thoughts and articulate my reflections while being overwhelmed by the entire events leading into the referendum, the outcome and now the devastating events happening right now in Palestine and Gaza. My heart is with Mob who are doing their best to survive and all the First Nations people worldwide who know this struggle all whose resilience is unwavering and whose courage is a flame for future generations.

I call on our allies across the country to rally around First Nations people who are struggling with the fall out of this result. One small way allies can do this is continuing to support First Nations businesses and remain strong in our journey towards recognition. 

I strive to make a difference through my art and I am committed to making wearable pieces which resonate with Mob and allies to facilitate important conversations that inspire progress and change. 

 Let’s harness this moment to continue the conversations in acknowledging the injustices experienced by First Peoples and working towards tangible change for our communities.

- Kristy Dickinson