Indigenous Pride Heart Studs Fundraiser for First Nations Fire Affected Community.


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Indigenous Pride Heart Studs Fundraiser for First Nations Fire Affected Community.

PLEASE NOTE: These will be restocked soon…. Everything is hand made and we have had an overwhelming response and need to make more!!!

As Fires have struck the East Coast of this sacred land recently it has lead to significant destruction and loss of masses of flora and fauna and saddly the lives of peoples. Very saddly, many First Nations people’s have been affected by these tragic circumstances with losses of homes/ severe damage to property and important parts of the landscape. Many of these community have now been forced to evacuate the region’s of their homes and forced to seek temporary / ongoing living arrangements in other parts of Victoria and NSW.

As a result of this, Neil Morris a Yorta Yorta First Nations man has initiated this fundraiser to offer a culturally sensitive, specific direct support to some of those communities with critical costs to cover expenses including the following:

– temporary relocation costs (hotel expenses, fuel, renting, possible medical needs)

-other basic amenity and emergency relief costs to assist with this very difficult time such clothing , miscellaneous vital personal items.

-refurbishment of damaged property where applicable

-resettling expenses where applicable

-ongoing rental support where necessary

-replacement of vital items i.e damaged medical equipment, clothing , toiletries , other vital personal belongings.

The funds raised will be distributed via the purchase of requested necessary items where appropriate / will be allocated directly to impacted community and/or community service co operatives/orgs to facilitate support to communities where possible in need of additional support upon a needs basis for those with emergency needs.

Haus of Dizzy will donate 100% of all profits from our Indigenous Pride studs and pins.

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  • Aboriginal
  • Torres Strait Island


  • 2cm
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Indigenous Pride Heart Studs Fundraiser for First Nations Fire Affected Community.

“The Aboriginal flag was designed by Harold Thomas, a Luritja man of Central Australia, and was first flown on National Aboriginal Day in Adelaide in 1971.”

The symbolic meaning of the flag colours (as stated by Harold Thomas) is: Black – represents the Aboriginal people of Australia. Yellow circle – represents the Sun, the giver of life and protector. Red – represents the red earth, the red ochre used in ceremonies and Aboriginal peoples’ spiritual relation to the land.

The Torres Strait Islander Flag is an official flag of Australia, and is the flag that represents Torres Strait Islander people. It was designed in 1992 by Bernard Namok. It won a local competition held by the Islands Coordinating Council, and was recognised by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission in June 1992.

The green panels at the top and the bottom of the flag symbolise the land, while the blue panel in the centre represents the waters of the Torres Strait. The thin black stripes between the green and blue panels signify the Torres Strait Islanders themselves. The white five-pointed star at the centre of the flag represents the five major island groups, and the white dhari (dancer’s headdress) around it also symbolises the Torres Strait Islands people. White symbolises peace, while the star is a symbol for navigation.


  • 2cm


  • Aboriginal Flag
  • Torres Strait Island Flag

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