At the helm of Haus of Dizzy, proud Wiradjuri woman Kristy Dickinson creates bold, playful, statement-making jewellery that celebrates and honours Indigenous culture—imbuing a sense of empowerment and joy within everybody who wears it. Oftentimes featuring powerful political and social messages, each Haus of Dizzy piece is designed, laser-cut, hand-painted and assembled in the company’s studio, located in Fitzroy, Melbourne/Naarm.
Photo of Kristy and son Ziggy by Mrs White photography
Dickinson (aka Queen of Bling) has been making jewellery for 20 years, but it wasn’t until 2015 that she founded Haus of Dizzy after recognising a lack of representation within the world of jewellery and fashion accessories. She says, “I created the Indigenous pride collection so mob could show their pride in a cool, fun way and allies could support and open a dialogue around Indigenous issues.” Using mirrored acrylic, glitter, dynamic patterns, and alluring takes on the Aboriginal flag, she achieves her goal of “bringing social, political and environmental issues to the forefront” by way of colourful, vibrant accessories.
Photo of Ms Lauryn Hill by Michelle Grace Hunder

Available at many online retailers and museums throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA (including The Iconic, Melbourne Museum, Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art and more), Haus of Dizzy has been seen on the likes of Ms Lauryn Hill, Lala Hathaway, Baker Boy, Coda Conduct, Kaiit and others.

Beyond their commitment to encouraging crucial dialogue, Haus of Dizzy takes part in social and political action; collaborating with non-profit organisations such as AYCC (Stop Adani Movement), SEED MOB (Water is life), Sydney Mardi Gras, Djirra, NAIDOC and the YWCA. Through behind-the-scenes fundraising and collaborative work, and their statement-making accessories, Haus of Dizzy continues to celebrate, support and contribute to Indigenous culture. Whether it’s the neon “Cool Aunty” earrings, sparkly Aboriginal flag hairpins, glossy bamboo hoops, sunflowers, spaceships, lightning bolts or other resplendent designs, Haus of Dizzy products facilitate conversations and attract attention for all the right reasons.

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